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Operating systems
For the major part, the computers run Gentoo Linux, but there are a couple of exceptions to this rule. The firewall (aka "whisker") is running OpenBSD 4.1, and my primary desktop (aka "lynx") is occasionally running Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
I do most of my "work" using standard software. Firefox for browsing, Sylpheed and Thunderbird for e-mail, slrn for usenet news, for documents and vim for any sort of text file editing. When it comes to instant messaging I prefer Pidgin, and for wasting time on IRC I normally use irssi.
Fun and games
I am of the opinion that the best stress-relief in the world, and also one of the methods least taxing on your fellow humans, is a few rounds of Action Quake2.
For general relaxation I would personally recommend either StarCraft: Brood War (preferably wiping out some poor, unsuspecting loser on or Diablo.